I’m a data scientist living in Antwerp (Belgium) with a background in evolutionary biology. During my PhD in eco-evolutionary dynamics, I discovered my interest in programming. After a short detour in Delphi Pascal I started working with Python and got hooked fast. For my research, I built a variety of individual-based simulation models producing a lot of data along the way. This data was analyzed using R, a programming language I was first introduced to during a statistics course in 2007. After my PhD (2015) I decided to follow my interest in programming and data analysis and started working at a software firm that specializes in smart building / IoT applications. During my time there my activities included: gathering and pre-processing data from Hadoop using R interfaces for Spark and Impala, data tidying and wrangling, building models, visualizing data with ggplot2, leaflet, and building dashboards using Shiny. After 3 years of wrangling sensor data decided to expand my machine learning knowledge and joined the applied AI startup Faktion.

Why blog?

As an open source software user, I’ve profited enormously from the public work of others. With this blog, I too hope to contribute to the wonderful open source community.

About This Site

This blog is built with blogdown and Hugo, with the Minimo theme. I deploy my blog using Netlify.

While creating this website I used the blogs of Julia Silge and David Robinson as points of reference. If you haven’t already seen their work, go check it out, it’s awesome.

All blog posts are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.